How Do You Choose A Good Defense Attorney?

The quality of the attorney you have representing you will directly affect the outcome of your case — which in turn, can affect your entire future. You cannot risk trusting your case to a firm or a lawyer who does not have the experience, skill and time needed to adequately defend you.

Many people feel the criminal justice system is stacked against them. Prosecutors pile on charges seeking maximum sentencing. Accused individuals often feel they have no voice in their own case.

You need a defense lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case and has the legal experience and skill needed to achieve the best possible outcome.

A Proven Track Record For Achieving Results In The Chicago Criminal Justice System
I am attorney Barry M. Lewis. For nearly four decades, I have represented individuals and accused persons throughout the Chicago area, charged with every type of crime and offense. I am experienced in achieving the best possible outcome for my clients.

Unlike overworked and under-budgeted public defenders, I have the time to conduct detailed investigations in each case I represent. When necessary, I work with trusted experts and professionals to uncover evidence that might have been left out in your case.

I take a strong stance in negotiating with prosecutors, law enforcement and judges, making sure that your voice and your side of the story are heard throughout the process. Whenever possible, if an advantageous deal is available, I will provide you with a realistic understanding of whether accepting that deal is in your best interests, of if you should go to trial.

I care about my clients. They’re more than case numbers to me. I get to know them and fight for them at a time when they often feel the system is stacked against them. My clients trust me and refer me to others in need of legal representation.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, call my law offices today. You do not want to delay in creating a solid defense and proactively working with prosecutors and judges to minimize the charges against you and achieve the best possible outcome. Call me at (312) 372-2221 to discuss your case.

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