Murder & Manslaughter

Murder & Manslaughter

“You don’t want to be like “My Cousin Vinny” and have a murder trial for your lawyer’s first case. That makes for an entertaining movie, but in reality, you will have your entire lifetime to regret it.”
— Chicago murder defense attorney Barry M. Lewis

If you are accused of murder or manslaughter, the stakes could not be higher. The steps you take next could determine whether you live out the remainder of your life as a free person or in prison.

I am Barry M. Lewis, a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago. Over the past 35 years, I have tried hundreds of cases, including numerous murder trials. As your lawyer, I will put together the strongest possible defense based on the facts of your case, whether you are charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter or vehicular homicide.

Defenses In Murder Cases

Defenses in murder cases can range from self-defense, to mistaken identity, to suppression of evidence that has been obtained illegally by police.

In a case of self-defense, your attorney must convince a judge or jury that the violence was proportional to the violence threatened by the victim. In Illinois, there is no equivalent to the stand-your-ground laws that have attracted so much media attention in other states.

In many murder cases, evidence against the accused is tainted, manufactured or based on sloppy work by police. Supposed eyewitnesses often provide evidence that is either mistaken or based on deals with prosecutors. Skillful cross-examination of witnesses is critical in a murder trial. If a judge or jury does not believe a witness, it will not believe the charges either.

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